We can store it.
Whether it's big, small, personal, for business, we can store it... securely and safely.

For a student, no question is a dumb one!

Got a question? Raise your hand - We prefer a storage unit as a super quick fix, although it’s also great for long term organization. If you live in small college town, it might be hard to find a last minute self storage facility. You might have to travel a few extra miles to get one, but it’s worth not getting that patronizing look from your mother. (Bless her heart.) If you plan ahead you could ship some items across country to your parents’ house, or to that super cool uncle that that has way better college stories than you do. Otherwise, hunt down a great storage unit facility, like Storage Plus, for example! Here’s a quick list of questions to ask the company before you rent:

  • Do you have student discounts?
  • Do you require a deposit or any kind of extra fees?
  • What happens if I forget to pay one month?
  • How much are the late fees?
  • Do I have to provide my own lock?
  • Are the first and last month prorated?
  • Can I access my stuff 24 hours a day?
  • Can my band practice here?