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Make Room for Your Room

Make Room for your room - Let’s face it: dorms and college apartments are smaller than cheap motel rooms in Cambodia and maybe slightly larger than your mom’s walk-in closet. And besides the library or the sign language lab, it’s about the only place on campus you can go and hope for some escape for the chaos. But getting the most out of this room is not easy unless you plan ahead. You would likely benefit from a small storage unit, but you need to figure some things out before you start packing up boxes. No, it’s not the time to decide your philosophical position on rights versus privileges. But it is the time to decide what you want your dorm to be used for. It’s your home for the time being, so let’s make it work. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What big furniture items do you need to adjust for?
  • Does your roommate have certain space needs to account for? What sacrifices in space and organization can you make so that everyone is happy?
  • Do you study on your bed, couch, chair, or desk? Or do you go elsewhere, like the library?
  • Do you want enough space to hold parties or just enough for you and your roommate?
  • Where should you put your bed to get the most rest? Do you want to be by the window for fresh air or further away so you don’t hear birds?
  • How much space can you save by hanging items and shelves on the walls?
  • What insanely awesome thing can you position in the room to count on for a sure-fire conversation starter?
  • How depressed can you make yourself sound just before you innocently suggest your parents pay for a small storage unit?

Or…you could try feng shui. Whatever your method, don’t forget to utilize a storage unit (HEY MTSU Students! How about Storage Plus in Murfreesboro?!) to save you space and declutter your life. And at Storage Plus, our commitment to decluttering space is what saves lives.