“I think everything must go back to the fact that I had a very anxious childhood. My mother never had time for me. You know, when you’re – when you’re the middle child in a family of five million, you don’t get any attention. I mean, how is that possible?” – Z, the voice of Woody Allen, Antz

Ants are beaten down at Storage Plus in MurfreesboroWhile we’re quite sure Mark Zuckerburg is one of the busiest people alive, rest assured the tiny ant is way busier. They spend their lives constantly working to gather food, protect their queen and the colony, digging tunnels or building mounds, and caring for their young. They probably don’t even sleep.  Ants are attracted to a variety of edibles such as dead insects, meat, oils and grease, sugars, and cheese. Adult ants suck the fluids from whatever they are eating and leave the pulp because they cannot chew and swallow food. When they find it, however, they leave a scent trail so that other ants will follow with their antennae. That’s why you frequently will find ants following a specific line, one right after the other, making their way to…somewhere very important.

Ants come in many colors, but the most common are brown, black, and rust. They remove debris and waste from inside the colony and put it outside the nest. Most ants do not bite if they are disturbed, but some are capable of stinging.

Rule of thumb: do not disturb an ant pile!

The internet offers a variety of home remedies for ant control and department stores offer an array of chemicals too, but boric acid is particularly effective. The acid is taken back to the colony where it poisons the other ants, including the queen who is super busy laying eggs. Sprays are not so great at controlling colonies, but they are effective at putting a barrier around a structure such as a home or shed. Make sure to create a 2-3 foot wide barrier around the perimeter of the structure. Storage Plus sets up barriers against ants. We like to think of it as a moat around your castle…with crocodiles.

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