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Store that Schtuff

Store that Schtuff - It’s 2:00 in the afternoon and your mom just called and woke you up. “Hey, honey! We’re on the way to visit you. We’ll be there in one hour. I can’t wait to see your dorm!” The panic is setting in. What are you going to do?! All your crap is piled all over the room: dirty clothes, books, papers, and that extracurricular reading material you sometimes keep in between the mattresses. Sadly, this scenario victimizes thousands of college students every year. Don’t let this happen to you. At Storage Plus, we are student victim advocates and are here to help.

You’ve got a few options at this moment:

  1. Shove all your stuff on your roommate’s side.
  2. Try to cram it all under the bed and mattress.
  3. Track down a storage unit immediately!
  4. Leave it all out so that the ‘rents see you are in desperate need of storage space and will offer to deliver you from this squaller by paying for it!

Option 4 requires the least amount of work and is easiest to manipulate with just a few martyr-like comments along the lines of, “I’ve been so stressed because I can’t focus in these conditions. If only I had somewhere to store my belongings….” For added value, make sure you have a slightly pouty look on your face. In fact, just pull out some extra clothes and junk for good measure. This is a great time to leave out some overdue bills too!

We know what you’re thinking: “I hear ya, Storage Plus, but I live in an apartment, not a dorm. How am I supposed to fill a whole apartment with crap to make it look like I need storage space?” That’s easy! Throw a party!!