A Guest Post on Self Storage Insurance by:

Cory Jacobs, Farmers Insurance Group

I frequently receive the question: Does homeowners insurance cover self storage? The question makes sense; you’re putting your valuables miles away from your home secured by people you probably don’t know.

INsurance and Self StorageAs a Property & Casualty insurance agent, my role in the community is to protect the assets of families and businesses alike, in Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Nashville, or anywhere.

For most people, insurance is an intangible product that is often forgotten until it is needed. When it comes to relocating or moving, we get so caught up in making sure that moving truck arrangements have been made, everything is packed and sealed, we have our storage unit reserved and move-in ready, but we forget to ask ourselves some critical questions: Is my personal property covered once I remove it from my home? Is it covered while on the moving truck? Is it covered while it’s stored at a facility temporarily or long-term?

The short answer is “Yes, to some extent.” A standard Homeowners Insurance policy does cover personal property away from your primary residence to a certain extent, as well as while in transit to your new home or storage unit. A Homeowners Insurance policy will cover up to 10% of coverage C, personal property, while away from the premises. An average policy will also cover personal property for a period of 30 days after the policy is cancelled. This 30-day coverage is extended to protect your personal property for a short period of time while in transit to your new home or storage unit. But what happens after that? Does your property just go without coverage?Unfortunately I haven’t had the ability to offer my customers a solution to this problem, until learning about Storage Plus Tenant Insurance.

Knowing that Storage Plus offers Tenant Insurance gives me comfort in knowing that I can now give my loyal customers an opportunity to continue protecting their valuables, just as they did with my agency. With features such as low deductible, being able to use tenant insurance as primary coverage, or having the ability to customize your policy to meet your specific needs, Storage Plus has a plan for everyone. The policy they offer works very similarly to a typical Homeowners Insurance policy, as far as what types of losses are and are not covered. And, because of onsite security features, there is no deductible on their policies.

I am now able to help my customers continue protecting the things they work so hard to accumulate by utilizing the benefits of partnering with what I believe to be the most professional and well- built storage facility in Rutherford County – Storage Plus.

Cory Jacobs
Agency Owner- Farmers Insurance Group



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