Storage Plus Warms Up Students and Teachers at Providence Christian Academy

The teachers and students at Providence Christian Academy will have a little warmer winter thanks to Storage Plus. The Murfreesboro self storage facility donated two outdoor heaters to the school that will provide a warm respite at the car line on cold mornings.

20131111_141712“I was watching how teachers and students had to endure the cold during last week’s arctic blast and thought there has to be a way to make this better,” explained Jon-Paul Cole, owner of Storage Plus on Murfreesboro Rd.

“The school strives to provide the best learning environment, and that environment extends outside the school walls and beyond school hours.”

Providence Headmaster Butch Vaughn was extremely appreciative of the donation. “The heaters are a tremendous help to our staff and kids. It was an amazing gesture by Storage Plus and a great benefit to us, which shows the rest of our school family how much people care about Providence Christian Academy. “

Storage Plus provided two 7-ft propane heaters to the school. The heating element is positioned at the top of the heater, out of reach of children’s hands and arms, and then projects the heat downward and out.

Storage Plus is located on Murfreesboro Road, also known as New Nashville Highway, about 1 mile north of Route 840.


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