Storage Plus, MTAR Partner to Collect Bags for Foster Children

This Christmas, the message of giving was fulfilled by many Rutherford County residents who brought new and used totes and suitcases to Storage Plus in Murfreesboro for more than 600 local foster children. Foster children are accustomed to toting their few belongings in garbage bags and plastic grocery sacks, but these colorful carry-alls of every imaginable shape and size will give them something that is truly theirs.

Storage010“It is very degrading to walk into a new familyand you’re carrying your belongings in a garbage bag.  Walking into a new family is already hard enough,” said Gina Jones, Vice President of the Rutherford County Foster Parent Association.


“When they have something that is theirs, it gives them a boost of confidence.”

Those who donated enough bags to fill the entire lobby of Storage Plus have helped these children start the year off on a more positive note.

As Jones was helping to pack her mini-van full of the collected bags, she related how much having a nice bag means to these children. “They develop an emotional tie to both the bag and its contents.”Storage030

The bags were collected through a drive coordinated by Sherry Cole of Storage Plus Murfreesboro and Susan Woolsey of the Middle Tennessee Association of Realtors.

“The community and local Realtors really came together to support these children,” said Woolsey.

Cole added, “We estimate that the community has donated more than 1,500 bags for the foster children. The goal was 600. The additional bags will be used as new kids come in throughout the year.”

Debbie Harrington, a volunteer that has worked to collect bags for a number of years, said, “The really important thing is that this is on-going. There are currently 600 children in the RC Foster Care system. Last year there were 450. As new kids enter the system, we’ll be able to give them permanent bags to transport their belongings.”


According to their web site, the Rutherford County Foster Parent Association “is a children and family charitable solution in Rutherford County, Tennessee dedicated to support and advocate for abused and neglected children and the foster families caring for them…. [They specialize] in solving problems for kids and foster families involved in and affected by the child welfare system in a variety of ways.”

For more information about how you can help the Rutherford County Foster Parent association, visit their web site:

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